For our Zwift/Turbo ride we’ll be taking on one of Zwift’s toughest routes!
Its 90km long, with 4 big climbs, and we expect it to take 4 to 4.5 hours to complete – don’t worry we’ll take a social coffee break!

There are four group rides over the long weekend to take your pick from:

✅ Saturday 7.30am
✅ Saturday 9.00am
✅ Sunday 9.05am
✅ Monday 9.00am

All the rides will be set to ‘keep everyone together’ so you don’t need to worry about speed – just ride at your own pace and we’ll all keep together ✌

We will also be running a ZOOM meeting along side these – log on to it at any time!
We can use the chat box to keep each other going and coordinate stopping for coffee ☕
I think just before the Alpe Du Zwift (but after the big green entry gate) is the best time/place to stop!


Length: 89.3 km
Elevation: 2112 m
World: Watopia


You can get an invite to the Zwift ride by filling in the poll here on our Facebook Group:

You’ll need to also be following Adam Gibson [GLPT] on Zwift to receive the invite. 

You can get to the ZOOM meeting using this link:

(meeting ID: 811 0221 1950)

Its your choice if you use your camera or mic or the chat box 😁

But use this chat rather the the zwift in game chat – it can be a bit busy on there!

How to join a group ride on Zwift…

  • Accept the invite to the ride in the Zwift Companion App (it should have a green tick!)
  • Be riding in Zwift 5-10 minutes before the group ride (any world/route will do!)
  • 5 minutes before the group ride is due to start, it should ask if you want to be transported – click “Lets Go”
  • Give yourself 10-15 minutes to do all this – if you miss the start there is no way to join in late!

Tips for riding on ‘Keep everyone together’ mode…

  • Don’t stop pedalling! I repeat. Do not stop pedalling! (except the coffee stop!)
  • Especially on downhills – it seems to split the group up. Don’t stop pedalling!
  • Make sure you’ve got everything you’ll want for the ride… food, drinks, towels, chargers etc
  • Don’t try to do PB’s on the climbs, they won’t count in Keep Everyone Together mode, but you can put in effort to help drag up the group!


You can hop on your turbo at the same time as the group Zwift rides, ride for as long as you like, and join us on the zoom chat – hopefully someone will let you know when the hills are!

Or… do the outside virtual camp ride and log that ✌