FTP Calculator

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For bike workouts we’d recommend using just one of the following metrics…

  • Power (measured in watts)
  • Heart Rate (measured in beats per minute/BPM)
  • RPE / Rate or Perceived Exertion  (How hard it feels out of ten!)

To use power or heart rate, complete the FTP test and use the calculators below.

If you prefer to keep it old school and use RPE, then no test is required, but maybe check out our RPE Guide at the bottom of this page!

Power Zones

Heart Rate Zones

Power Percentages


Using RPE is really simple, its basically just how hard it feels out of 10!

Here are some descriptions to help you out:

1-4: Easy pace, feels nice and light, you could do this alllllll day!

4-6: Fairly easy pace, you can still talk in sentences!

7: Fairly hard, but sustainable, you could still chat, but in short phrases!

8: Hard pace, only just sustainable, you might get the odd word out to your training buddy!

9: Very hard, not sustainable for long, you ain’t talking!

10: As hard as you can, you’ll only just manage this for the required duration, and not one second more.