Session Focus

This session is all about determining your FTP… also known as Functional Threshold Power!

Its a great way to monitor your improvements and set some training intensities!

Once you know your FTP you can use this to set some targets for your bike sessions.

The test is essentially a 20 minute time trial and you’ll need to record your average watts for the 20 minute segment!

If you don’t have a way of recording power, you can record your heart rate for the 20 minutes and use this to set some training zones!

We’d recommend doing this on a turbo trainer or static bike!

We’ve added in a nice warm up, cool down, and some top tips below – GOOD LUCK!


Get those legs moving…

Warm Up Part 1

5 minutes easy spinning


5 minutes as 30 seconds hard / 30 seconds easy

Warm Up Part 2

5 minutes easy spinning


5 minutes at 80-90% effort


5 minutes easy spinning



Okay here we go!

Don’t set off too hard… remember you have to be able to hold this for 20 minutes! As you get closer to the end make sure you give it all you’ve got!

At the end record your Average Watts and Average Heart Rate for the 20 minute segment!


Main Set

20 minute time trial!

As hard as you can… but a consistent effort!



We should probably cool down after that…


Cool Down

10 minutes easy spinning in light gearing

Woohoo You've Done It...!

Now head over to our calculator to find out your results…


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