The part of the race where it is make or break!

Or as they say… “bike for show, run for dough!”

The first step to nailing your triathlon run is arriving to the start of it in a good position. This means pacing the bike correctly and getting your nutrition right! Check out our article about Bike Pacing.

If you’ve paced the bike correctly you should be able to hit within the below targets!

Your first step is to figure out your currently standalone ability for the distance. This is the time you could run in just a running race for the given distance without having a bike before it. If you haven’t ran the distance recently you can enter a recent race time into our run calculator and it will predict your time for the required distance.

Then use the figures before to get your race split target:

Sprint Distance: Standalone 5km time + 1-3 minutes

Standard Distance: Standalone 10km time + 2-5 minutes

70.3 Distance: Standalone Half Marathon time + 8-15 minutes

IM Distance: Standalone Marathon time + 20-40 minutes

We’d opt for the slower end of the range if you just want to complete the race drama free! If you are competitive and racing then go more towards the faster end of range.

Then stick your target time into our race pace calculator to figure your target race pace!

Things don’t always go to plan on the run in triathlon – but setting off at this pace should give you the best possible chance of smashing that run split.